Look at the 5 main headers above to research careers information.

If you want to gain experience in a field of work, you can ask our Gateway teacher (tepakik@wsc.school.nz) WSC NPoW aslso has STAR funding to help you gain experience to try out a course or job. We may be to help you gain careers experience in a particular field usually through a short course. Contact wallacek@wsc.school.nz to enquire about STAR funded careers related courses.

Careers teachers have in-class programmes at Year 9, 10 and 12 and individual interviews take place in Year 13 or by appointment.

Online Career Exploration Tools

Careers New Zealand: A wide variety of useful info, tools, and resources including quizzes, CV builders, and job databases.

StudyLink: For student loans and associated information.

RealMe: You need a RealMe profile in order to get a student loan and/or allowance.

Fees Free Information: All you want to know and more is here*

MoneyHub - Want Free Money to Study? Find Financial Scholarships www.moneyhub.co.nz/scholarships-nz.html

Oliver Lee Publications: Publishes the high quality 'Leaving School' magazine which is packed full of interesting stories and info. Online magazines explaining interesting careers journeys.

Kiwi Can Do: Kiwi Can Do is a programme that has been developed in response to the skills shortage in New Zealand and in particular the booming construction Industries in Auckland and Christchurch.

WSC Subject Selection Guide 2018: please also check CareersNZ website under "JobDatabase" then "How to Enter Job" and "Secondary Education"

NZ Qualification Framework explained here.