There are so many other exciting pathways and many of which are in HIGH demand. Here we've assembled a collection of NZ's top alternative study providers from trades to hairdressers.


Technology Career Opportunities

With a global shortage of technology skills and an ever increasing number of career opportunities emerging, now is the perfect time to learn more about the opportunities that the technology sector can offer:

  • Computer Power Plus - IT training specialists
  • Code Club - Nationwide network of volunteer led after school coding clubs for kiwi kids.
  • Gather Workshops - Provides an environment to learn real-world IT skills taught by industry professionals.
  • Google Made with Code - An initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once.
  • The High Tech Youth Network - Empowers young people and communities to become more capable, creative, and confident life long learners.
  • MindLab - enhances digital literacy capability and the implementation of contemporary practice in the teaching profession.
  • Unitec Free4U - Computer courses in Albany and Henderson are a great way to upskill yourself for your job search, to improve your computing skills for your current job, for personal interest or to open up further study options. They offer FREE self paced introductory Microsoft Office courses.
  • ICT-Connect - Inspires and educates young people about future options in the ICT industry. It puts professionals face-to-face with students in class, where they introduce diverse opportunities.
  • STEAM - Stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. STEAM ahead is a series of career events that educate school girls and mums about possible career choices in these fields.Each event showcases careers of successful women who explain what they do and how they got there. Each event also promotes after-school activities that help educate girls and keep up their interest.

Engineering Careers: